Monday, October 22nd

Opening Ceremony
Opening by Rogelio Garza, Sub secretary of Industry and Trade.
Francisco Cervantes, President of CONCAMIN.
Member of CANACERO'S Executive Committee.

Keynote speech: Steel: Rock, Paper and Scissors.
Speaker: Peter Marcus.
Founder and CEO of World Steel Dynamics and one of the leading consultants of the steel industry worldwide. Graduated from Cornell University, holds postgraduate studies at New York University. He began his career in Wall Street with F. Rothschild & Co. After collaborating during 28 years in PaineWebber, he decided to found World Steel Dynamics.

Coffee Break

Panel 1: The Mexican Steel Industry.
Speaker: Members of CANACERO'S Executive Committee.
Moderator: José Luis de la Cruz, Director of IDIC.

Panel 2: Priorities in the Legislative Agenda of the New Congress.
Speaker: Senator Gustavo Madero, President of Mexico's Senate Economy Commission.
Presenter: Juan Antonio Reboulen, President of CANACERO?S Legislative Liaison.

Press Conference


Keynote speech: Trends in the Steel Global Market.
Speaker: Nicholas Tolomeo
Editor-in Chief of Metals for the Americas, PLATTS. He studied Journalism at the University of West Virginia and is currently pursuing post graduate studies at the University of Duquesne. He is one of the leading analysts at the global level of steel and raw materials marketing in North America and Latin America.

Keynote speech: Implications of Section 232 for the NAFTA region.
Speaker: Gregory Spak.
President of the International. White & Case International Trade Practice Group. He is the leading American expert on section 232, has broad expertise representing clients from the steel industry and has advised several governments of Latin America regarding their trade steel policy. Recently, Mr. Spak has been involved in several aspects of the decision of the United States Administration to impose additional tariffs to steel and aluminum products, the exclusion processes associated, and the measures adopted by other countries as a reaction of the measures taken by the United States.

Welcome cocktail

Tuesday, October 23rd

Keynote speech: Young People Building the Future.
Speaker: Luisa María Alcalde.
Virtual Secretary for Labor and Social Security.
Moderator: David M. Gutiérrez Muguerza, Member of CANACERO?S Executive Commission.

Coffee Break

Keynote speech: Mexico's New Political and Economic Context.
Speaker: Jesús Silva-Herzog Márquez.
He holds a B.A. in Law from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and an M.A. Degree in Political Sciences from the University of Columbia in New York. He is currently a full-time Professor at. the School of Government of the Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. He has been a guest researcher at the University of Georgetown, the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars and the New School for Social Research.


Keynote Speech: Vision of the United States of Mexico's Role in the North America Region.
Speaker: Larry Rubin.
President of the American Community in Mexico, jointly with the ambassador of the United States in office. Since 2004 he is the president of the Republican Party in Mexico. He has been mentioned as possible ambassador in Mexico for Trump's Administration. He was CEO of the American Trade Chamber in the country.
Moderator: Jesús Flores Ayala, President of CANACERO'S Foreign Trade Commission.

Mexico?s Role in the USMCA Negotiations.
Speaker: Dr. Jesús Seade.
Chemical Engineer and Economy from the University of Oxford. He was one of the youngest professors of the Faculty of Economy at the University of Warwick, United Kingdom. In 2007 he moved to Asia, where he has been Emeritus Professor. at Lingnan University and scholar at the University of Hong Kong-Shenzen, where is currently Vice-president of Global Affairs.
Moderator: Máximo Vedoya, President of CANACERO.

Closing ceremony

Farwell dinner

Thursday, October 24th

CANACERO´S Golf Tournament.
Club Campestre Chiluca.


Opening Ceremony

Keynote speech: Steel: Rock, Paper and Scissors - Peter Marcus

Panel 1: The Mexican Steel Industry

Panel 2: Priorities in the Legislative Agenda of the New Congress

Keynote speech: Trends in the Steel Global Market - Nicholas Tolomeo

Keynote speech: Young People Building the Future - Luisa Maria Alcalde

Keynote speech: Mexico's New Political and Economic Context - Jesús Silva-Herzog Márquez

Keynote Speech: Vision of the United States of Mexico's Role in the North America Region - Larry Rubin

Mexico's Role in the USMCA Negotiations- Dr. Jesus Seade