CANACERO, through its team, offers to its Affiliated members the following 36 services:


I. Participation in Commissions and Technical Working Groups:

• Customs

• Foreign Trade

• Sustainable Development

• Energy

• Legislative Linkage

• Mining

• Statistics

• Finance

• Logistics and Transportation Security

• Development of the Value Chain

• Planning

• Steel Promotion

• Technical Group of Pipe

II. Economic Information Generation.

III. Monthly statistics of production.

IV. Monthly statistics of trade balance.

V. Monthly statistics of Apparent Domestic Consumption (ADC).

VI. Monthly statistics of imports monitoring

VII. Quarterly foreign trade statistics by countries

VIII. Annual Statistics of shipments.

IX. Annual statistics of sales.

X. Annual statistics of special steels.

Xl. Annual statistics of raw materials.

XII. Annual statistics of investment and usage in steel factories.

XIII. Monthly information notes of statistics.

XIV. Bulletin “Steel in Figures".

XV. Economic Profile of the Steel sector.

XVI. Forecasts of key economic variables.

XVII. Projections of Apparent Domestic Consumption of steel products.

XVIII. Special studies according to members needs.

XIX. Standardization: Mexican Standards Development (NMX) for sector products.

XX. Technical Services

XXI. Health and Safety Programs at work.

XXII. Development and Training Programs.

XXIII.  Institutional website with information of members and Steel Industry.

XXIV. Institutional representation before the three Governing Departments.

XXV. Institutional representation before national and international private organizations.

XXVI. Approach with opinion leaders in the media.

XXVII. Adherence to Chamber agreements.

XXVIII. Support, advice and information upon legal issues related to the industry.

XXIX. Thematic Conferences Development.

XXX. Information Service with all the highlights in the Steel sector’s media from Monday          to Friday.

XXXI. Crisis management information.

XXXII. Safety Transportation Program.

XXXIII. Canacero’s Reaction Center Service against stealing Merchandise.

XXXIV. SIEM incorporation.

XXXV. Business meetings.

XXXVI. Availability of Chamber’s facilities.





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