Radiography SALES 2016


In order to identify geographical distribution of steel production plants in Mexico, the work called "

Radiography of the steel industry in Mexico" was performed and it contains the following information:


The location of producer enterprises of steel liquid and their representation in the Mexican market, the type of products they offer and the types of processes used. Enterprises producing hot rolled products by type and capacity of production, the enterprises producing sectioned pipelines by type and their respective installed capacity, smelters, raw materials and some sector-related enterprises with a presence in CANACERO.

The diverse games graphs showing: 1) main countries exporting to Mexico, 2) national production and consumption 2006 - 2015, 3) the relationship between production and consumption by major product groups, 4) the main customs for trading steel products, and 5) the production of steel by state.



* $ 4,000 MX pesos.




* Jpg format electronic file.


* Does not include addresses or telephones of the enterprises.

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